Holistic Housewives Heal With Lavender!

Before using toxic chemicals to treat you and your family, try using Lavender Oil!  A Holistic Housewife loves using natural remedies FIRST, before turning to stronger chemicals.  Here are some of our favorite ways to Heal With Lavender!


1.  Calm your nerves! All Housewives feel crazy sometimes.  Why not turn to Lavender: A Soothing Scent.  Sniffing lavender is an instant antidote to anxiety, according to a Japanese study. Put a few drops in your bath or how about in your diffuser?  This will help an overall calming effect to envelope your whole family!

2.  Sleep better, you and your babies!  In folklore, pillows were filled with lavender flowers to help restless people fall sleep. Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders.

3.  Keep the bugs away!  Lavender oil has been used as a bug repellent for many centuries. Lavender was used in the past to protect clothes and linens from the infestation of moths and other insects. Try using lavender oil to prevent bites from mosquitoes and other biting insects.

4.  Treat eczema and skin rashes! Lavender Oil, due to its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and circulatory stimulating properties has been used as a treatment for Eczema.  It is also an immune booster and powerful anti-inflammatory for the skin.

5.  Grow healthy hair! In one study of 86 people with alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out, often in patches), those who massaged their scalps with lavender and other essential oils daily for 7 months experienced significant hair regrowth compared to those who massaged their scalps without the essential oils.

6.  Treat itchy scalp and dandruff!  Mixed with a bit of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar, Lavender makes a wonderful treatment for dry itchy scalp and dandruff.  No more of that yucky blue stuff!  Often times, it’s the men in our life who need this.  Mix some up and keep it in the shower for your whole family to use.

7.  Get rid of lice!  Again, mixed with tea tree oil, Lavender can do a great job killing lice.  Say ‘no’ to those toxic chemicals and try tea tree oil and lavender first!

8.  No more indigestion! Drinking lavender tea may help relieve nervous intestinal disorders and indigestion. This is because it contains essential oils that have a soothing effect on the stomach. A study by the University of Parma and published in November 2004 in “Life Sciences” found that lavender oils protected against gastric ulcers and relieved indigestion in rats.  Try lavender tea with a bit of lemon and honey for a real treat.

9.  Headache Relief! Although we’ve been using it for over a decade, we now have proof! In 2012, a placebo-controlled clinical trial confirmed that therapeutic grade lavender essential oil aromatherapy is effective in relieving migraine headaches.   Try rubbing just a bit of lavender oil, mixed with a carrier oil, on your temples at the onset of a headache.


About carishumaker

We are trying to live The Good Life with our 3 kids out in the woods. We strive to be as self reliant as possible, with a great amount of leisure time to Live The Good Life as best as we can. We work hard so we can play hard and want to teach our kids to love life and love people and love learning. This is our journey.
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